Photo of Michael Carrano

Michael Carrano - Mobile Software Engineer in NYC.


  • EzyFree ﹘ Earn rewards for participating in online surveys.
  • Perfect Pitch HRD ﹘ Raising money for mentally and physically handicapped children and young adults.
  • 7 Minute Workout ﹘ Android application to help you complete the 7 Minute Workout exercises.
  • Sttack ﹘ Android application for making introductions simple. Developed on a bus from NYC to TX.
  • Doge 2048 ﹘ Android application to play the fun and addicting 2048 game but with doge. Such amaze!
  • SUP? ﹘ Android application which implements basic functionality of the Yo app using the Parse API.
  • Detective Droid ﹘ Android application that shows what SDKs/Libraries are used in installed applications.
  • Zombie Startup ﹘ Easily register the domain of a failed startup and bring it back to life.